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The ScatterBabble podcast is a place you can come to and unwind with Kristin, your host. Kristin shares stories of her past and her current adventures raising 3 teenagers. Listeners will also enjoy humorous conversations with guest and all the random things that come out of Kristin’s scattered mind.


In this podcast, I talk about the time I was under the most stress I've ever felt in my life and how I dealt with it.  

Podcast #4

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In this podcast, I interview my best friend, Lisa.  We talk about her raising 2 year old twin boys, the deadly mosquito disease in Boston and our friendship history. 

Podcast #3

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August 27, 2019

Taking On Way Too Much!

In this podcast, Kristin talks about taking on too many projects, A.D.D, Misophonia and people's need for human contact.

Podcast #2

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Kristin talks about why she decided to start doing a podcast and why she choose the name ScatterBabble.

Podcast #1

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